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We founded Salamtak because we understand the difficulties that you face when seeking a second medical opinion from a German expert. That's why we created Salamtak – to provide a one-stop service for you.

Our goal is to offer you
independent, neutral, and patient-oriented
second medical opinion from German experts.

We believe everyone deserves honest, easy and high quality health care

We believe in break down barriers to make high quality healthcare accessible

We believe that every case is unique and must treated individually

We believe in providing independent, neutral, and patient-centered care. Our commitment to you is unwavering, and we strive to always put your needs first.

We believe that data-driven technology and the personal engagement of a doctor are both essential components of quality healthcare.

We innovate technology that enables you to have a direct connection to German healthcare. We're constantly innovating to make your care better and more affordable.

By leveraging data and technology, we can provide more accurate and efficient care, while still maintaining the human connection and personalized attention that are so important in the patient-doctor relationship.

At Salamtak, we know that every one of your cases is unique and requires individualized attention. That is why we approach each case with a different perspective and work to find the best solution for your specific needs. This is why we look for the best doctor for your case rather listing a standard list of doctors on our website you need to chose from.

In order to maintain our commitment to independence and neutrality, we do not accept any commissions or partnerships with hospitals. We believe this allows us to provide unbiased, patient-centered care and helps us to make recommendations that are truly in your best interests.

two babies and woman sitting on sofa while holding baby and watching on tablet
two babies and woman sitting on sofa while holding baby and watching on tablet

We believe
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