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Our mission is to build better and more accessible healthcare for international patients.

Salamtak is uniquely positioned to connect international patients with the most suitable physicians and clinics in Germany. Leveraging artificial intelligence, we effectively analyze medical documents and utilize accurate information from our extensive database of German clinics, specializing in the highest number of treated cases, to consistently match each patient with the most appropriate medical professional. Over the past seven years, Salamtak have successfully managed over 2,000 patient inquiries, with more than 30% receiving valuable second opinions.

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Use Salamtak when you or an eligible dependent

If you have medical questions or concerns and want to consult with a German expert

If you need assistance in finding a German expert who specializes in your medical condition

If you are uncertain about a diagnosis or are seeking guidance on treatment options

The importance of selecting the ideal doctor

Having the right doctor is crucial for the outcome of your treatment. This is especially true for surgeries and serious medical conditions, where the quality of care can make all the difference.

The peace of mind to proceed with confidence

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